Past Retreats



GREECE 2017:


“This was my second international yoga retreat. Yoga retreats take me away from my day to day life, the running around, the phone, the social media, the deadlines, – everything that wipes you out and makes you exhausted. A week away with like-minded people, in a beautiful place with beautiful food concentrating on your mental well-being is a must! Anna is my spirit animal! I would follow that girl anywhere, she is the reason 10 of my closest friends decided to join her in Greece. My favourite part was the morning. An early morning hike in the silence, followed by a wonderful class led by Anna and then a breakfast that left you smiling for hours. I went to disconnect from material things, and connect to myself and girlfriends. I would highly recommend a retreat with Anna and Vistara –you can just do what you want, when you want, its your trip to make what you want out of it. You can attend all of the talks and workshops, or go just for the yoga like I did.”

–Deepa Patel

From our video testimonials:

“This is the first yoga retreat I’ve ever been on, I didn’t know what to expect. It was an unbelievable week, I’ve learned so much, seen so many beautiful things, met a lot of wonderful people. I had a great experience! I loved the yoga classes, they were perfect. Rewarding, challenging, relaxing and a great time to reflect on what I brought here and what I could let go of.”

–Katie Ellis

“I think my favourite part of the retreat was watching my progress all week in yoga classes! The comradery between all of us here from the get go really made the week for me. Everything was at a great pace, we could all move away from the schedule when we needed it. For me, my pace is quick, I work long hours and I came here, shared my intention and I was really able to manifest it. Everything was really beautiful and both Carley and Anna are really fantastic and I really appreciate the time and space they gave to this group.”


–Leeann Russell


“I loved all of it, it was really awesome. I think everyone came together really well. We’re the youngest of the group but we never felt like it, everyone came together as a family. We all really enjoyed the space but the food also was the best! I learned so much from the nutrition workshops that I can now incorporate into my life. Yoga was suitable for all levels, yin before bed was so relaxing. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

–Christina Devincenzo

“I had so much fun, the resort was amazing but so were our little trips to the beach and the boat ride! I loved the variety of yoga classes, there was something for everybody. The face-masks were incredible!!”

–Victoria Diamantopoulos

“There aren’t any words to describe this experience. It’s magical. If you tried to describe what we’ve done here, no one could really understand the culmination of the space and the people and the kindness that’s here. The yoga classes were spectacular, I don’t love yin but I’m learning and even those were enjoyable here. The mornings are phenomenal. You wake up and there’s this warm breeze that plays across your skin while in the postures, and the music and Anna and Carley’s voices and the birds! There’s nothing more serene. The nutrition workshops were very informative and easy to understand and animated! If you’re interested in your health and learning, there is going to be something that applies to you! I don’t have  favourite part about this retreat, I loved everything! The incredible food, the beaches, chatting with everyone…this was a group of women who came together, sharing their stories and lives and by the end all left as friends! I can’t wait until next year!!”

–Sarah Lynne Pouliot-Jubenvill


“I really enjoyed the venue, where practiced as well as the actual yoga classes. I did not enjoy the road up here but once you get here, it’s so perfect for what I conceive of the yoga mind to be. I go to Anna’s classes often and I knew what to expect, obviously you never disappoint. I loved the balance. I really enjoyed my experience.”


–Joanne Decorte


“If there’s one word to use to describe this retreat, I would say that it is magical. This place is truly magical. You’re in these gorgeous villas, facing the ocean and it is really just a place you see in travel magazines. I’m not a really big yogi but I found your voices so calming and soothing especially for someone like me whose always on the go.


Explore Your Elements 2016 – Weekend Yoga Retreat:

“I attended the Elements Yoga Retreat co-lead by Anna in July 2016. It was my first retreat, and I was quite apprehensive. I have little yoga/meditation training and I was attending this retreat not only for the first time, but also on my own. My goal for the retreat was to have some time to self-reflect and to learn how to be on my own –alone with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To learn how to just “be.”

To say the retreat was excellent would be an understatement. It was a truly beautiful and eye-opening experience. Anna was incredibly welcoming, talented, kind and attentive. She made me feel comfortable immediately, and reassured me (as well as the others) that you are able to do a retreat like this at any level of fitness and/or with any or no yoga/meditation training. You are worthy, and you are capable. Anna is a true inspiration. Her classes were challenging, innovative, and accessible. She is a true leader – I felt supported, encouraged, and ‘held’ throughout. Her classes really served to open me up spiritually, and for that, I am so grateful. Anna’s background in philosophy was also incredibly appropriate and enlightening – she facilitated a night of philosophical exploration at sunset, and encouraged each of us to bring in questions with which we were grappling in our personal lives. Anna’s overall philosophy and view of life is truly magnetic. I cannot wait to attend another one of her retreats, and whole-heartedly would recommend her as a personal trainer, life coach, or yoga instructor. She is wonder woman.”



“Anna has a wonderful way of both comforting and challenging you simultaneously. She has an intuition about what your body needs and what your body can handle that makes class with her an adventure. You never know what limitations will be pushed and you are bound to be surprised by what you learn about your body.

The overall experience at the retreat was exactly what I hoped for. There was lots of movement, I grew in both my meditation and yoga practices, I enjoyed nature and had meaningful conversations with my teachers and fellow students. The space was held when it needed to be, but relaxed, social and light at times as well. I left feeling inspired, excited and good in my own skin.

In retrospect, I think I would have liked more – as in another day to fit in more yoga, perhaps a class specific to a new physical mastery, and I think there was lots of room for more philosophical conversations to happen. Everyone goes to a retreat for a different reason, but I really was there to learn about myself and to explore. So with that in mind, I was ready and open to more talking and self-exploration, but I can see how others might not want more of that.”

Rachel Martin




Class Experiences:

“I have had the privilege of practicing with Anna Griffiths through hundreds of journeys and I have learned from her, that the very best of teachers find a way to harness amazing in such a way that they become like the sun and the moon that bring in the tide!

In her classes, she guides students of various levels of experience, through their first ebbs and flows of breath, movement and thought.  From this place of beginning, she cultivates and builds upon the energy around her,  encouraging her students through carefully planned asanas (poses) toward their own individual peak of expression.

The very best of teachers approach their teaching as a journey and they come from a place of genuinely compassionate intention.  Their  aim is to guide their students through a thoughtful practice, but also to inspire them to explore their own maximum potential.  The very best of teachers serve to create an atmosphere of trust and honouring where your body will take you today.  Anna Griffiths is one of the very best of these teachers, and I am honoured to be one of her students.”

–Tammy Suzanne Quenneville

“Anna’s passion, dedication and beautiful spirit is so prevalent within her teachings. She is so incredibly knowledgeable and her love for what she does is evident. She takes time to help, answer questions, and personally connect with all of her students and I truly admire that . She is such an inspiration to myself to always go a little farther, reach a little higher and to never stop challenging yourself. She has helped me take my yoga practice to a whole new level and I am more than grateful for her amazing guidance and beautiful self!”
Thank you for everything Anna!

–Jillian Eyers


Client Feedback:

“Long and short, Carley is my health guru! I came to her with some family issues, as I felt we needed a check in. In addition to giving some specific suggestions for digestion and gut health,  Carley was able to open my eyes to some wonderful insights, education and suggestions to enhance our overall diet and immunity boosting. She graciously welcomed me into her space, allowed me to sample her healthy concoctions and had fun with it! It’s important to Carley that people understand why and how their bodies work so that she won’t just be giving suggestions, but giving people a new found appreciation for their long term health and vitality.”

–Amanda Sutton



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