About Us

Anna Griffiths

Founder - Yoga Facilitator

Anna’s approach to the practice of yoga involves illuminating the experience of embodiment, connecting students to a deeper sense of presence that begins with body and breath awareness. Anna’s athletic history and fascination with the human body inspires classes that emphasize proper alignment and movement patterns. Her continuing education as a philosophy student encourages her to interweave the invaluable process of learning, shared contemplation, and self-inquiry throughout her classes. She fosters a supportive environment that promotes deep listening, connection, and wisdom in ways that become a part of us, inspiring growth. Most importantly, Anna emphasizes play as a major component of the exploration of life and yoga! Grateful for her teachers, students and the privilege and service of teaching, Anna is always looking to further her education. She completed her first yoga teacher training in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells (Iyengar Yoga) in 2013 and has continued to take on advanced trainings and workshops. She received her latest training with Moksha/Modo Yoga International in 2018. As she continues to learn, Anna brings a tireless passion and jovial wisdom to class so that you can always expect to be challenged.

Carley Simandl

Nutritionist and Yoga Facilitator

Carley started her career as a passionate Make-up Artist and has built over 15 years of progressive experience working very closely with the clients. Patterns of dehydration and malnutrition are evident while working so intimately with the skin. At that point, Carley decided to offer “Beauty from the Inside-out” and attended The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. As an RHN, Carley does not believe in diets, it is more about the lifestyle; it is the small things that you do daily that make the biggest difference.Carley tried yoga for the first time around 30 years old and instantly loved the poses, the connection to breath and transformative benefits. Yoga is the fitness piece of the healthy lifestyle message that Carley is so passionate about promoting. Movement is such a critical adjunct to nutrition and when used together results are expedited.Carley took the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in January of 2015 in Nicaragua where she built yoga into her daily lifestyle. Carley practices what she preaches and hopes to bring more wellness into the lives of others through an integrative approach. Through nutrition and yoga, Carley believes she can change the world, one client and one class at a time.