About Us

Our name is our vision.


Most are familiar with the common Sanskrit word “Yoga” which can be broadly understood to mean union or connection. The act of yoga has been understood as, ‘yoking’ or ‘joining’. This ancient term has  been used to depict an entire discipline or art that encompasses the multitude of ways to harmonize the systems of body, mind and spirit; to experience the way in which they are indistinguishable.

The word “Vistara” is commonly translated as expansion. It’s well known origins in Tantric philosophy refer to expansion of the mind. In Tantra, you first learn the practice of mental expansion, focusing within, on the finite that is beyond form or thought.

“The ego makes you feel as if you are a separate individual entity. It must have a finite object or thought with which to be involved in order to maintain its existence. Given infinite consciousness as its object, the individual sense of “I” merges with the infinite “I.” It is unable to contain this feeling of infinite awareness within the limited scope of its existence.” -Vimala  McClure 

What evolves from this practice is a state of absolute peace, which is beyond description because it is beyond the busy workings of the mind.

The outward expression of mental expansion is the realization of the oneness of all creation.

This universal outlook prevents us from encouraging any division in humanity. We are inspired from within to work for the unity, or yoga and elevation of all and to remove the barriers that separate living beings from one another.  





Our Mission

is to facilitate this journey of expansion, to evoke a sense of receptivity that helps us to recognize the true nature of reality. As we open up in a multitude of ways, we will revive the experience of union as a harmonious connection not just within ourselves but that which within us is universal; in all life, in all beings.






Further Details about our choice:

We are fascinated with the origins and general etymology of these words, especially the way the meaning of yoga and it’s common connotations have evolved throughout history. It is a testament to our ever evolving use of language. We wish to emphasize the broadly understood meaning of vistara as expansion and yoga as union and to build upon this through our classes and workshops in such a way that emphasizes self-exploration beyond the written texts, beyond language, into the realm of embodiment.